About us

Samaritan Medical Outreach Ministries (SMOM) is a non-profit organization founded to provide assistance to medical facilities and medical staff through consultation and financial contribution in an effort to provide medical care in communities deemed indigent by US standards. The organization exists exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The purpose is to provide this assistance to Bangalore Baptist Hospital (BBH) in Bangalore, India. The initiative for founding SMOM came through American surgeon, Dr. Rebekah Naylor, who was a full-time member of the hospital’s staff for more than 25 years. The hospital offers medical care and trains medical personnel to provide holistic care to all people, irrespective of religion or creed.

Since its inception in 1973, BBH has prioritized providing high quality medical care to indigent patients. No patient is refused care due to inability to pay. A significant portion of hospital funds are budgeted for indigent patient care. Outreach work in the rural areas and urban slums remains an emphasis, as it has been throughout the past four decades.  BBH additionally operates a peripheral rural hospital with a variety of health projects, as well as development programs in 50 surrounding villages.

The emphasis on compassionate indigent care has carried over into the educational programs. A major objective in establishing the Rebekah Naylor School of Nursing was to allow economically disadvantaged young women to gain an education in the medical profession, providing a dependable livelihood.  Although the initial goal was to target a student population comprised of a minimum of 50% from economically disadvantaged households, the reality is a greater impact.

Board of Directors

Dr. Rebekah Naylor, Founder and Vice President

Dr. Kimberly Sweet, President

Mrs. Jo Anne McCullough

Dr. Sam Law

Dr. Ellen Palmer, Emeritus

Dr. Paul Dearing

Mrs. Roopa Dearing, Treasurer

Dr. Lyn Prater, Secretary

Dr. Shelby Garner

Dr. Alex Hollub

Mrs. Angela Geisendorff

Mr. Ed Geisendorff

The management (Board of Directors) of Samaritan Medical Outreach Ministries, Inc. is on a voluntary basis. Members of the board bring expertise in administration, business, education, health care and fundraising. Dr. Rebekah Naylor, founder and vice president of SMOM Board of Directors, who served as hospital administrator and surgeon at Bangalore Baptist Hospital for 28 years, maintains close contact with the hospital. Several board directors have served as volunteers at BBH in various capacities. The SMOM Board of Directors possesses vast professional experience, augmented by a profound commitment to BBH, highlighting its capacity to offer ongoing support of BBH.