Prayer Requests

PRAY for almost 70 new nursing students who will begin their studies in September.

PRAY that an ongoing (for seven years) dispute with the government regarding the hospital property can be resolved in the hospital’s favor quickly.

PRAY for the semiannual meeting of the governing board of the hospital in September.

PRAY for approval of the application for a large grant to develop an education and simulation center in the nursing school.

PRAY for current renovation and expansion projects, including increasing ICU bed strength from 13 to 31 beds.

PRAY for Dr. Naveen Thomas, Director/CEO, and the first level management team as they daily make key decisions.

PRAY for the nine chaplains as they visit patients, minister to staff and students, and do follow up outside the hospital.

PRAY for the financial resources needed for community health projects in 50 villages and a large urban slum, providing care for many thousands of poor people.